Precise Claims. The First Time.

Pulse CodeCheck is a robust clinical, coding and editing solution that helps eliminate claim errors before they occur. Pulse CodeCheck is a web-based claim scrubber delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution model that is integrated with PulseCloud, our best-in-class practice management solution. This allows physician practices to conveniently manage their revenue cycle by validating professional claims & encounters and institutional claims for accuracy against thousands of coding and billing requirements.Pulse CodeCheck verifies claims and encounters from a payer’s perspective, which also allows for corrections prior to filing. Appropriate use of diagnosis codes, procedure codes, modifiers and medical necessity is reviewed and validated by Pulse’s team of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) experts, based on the multiple coding, billing and compliance regulations. You get better claim accuracy on the first pass, decreased denials and improved cash flow, as well as increased efficiency and value directly into your practice’s RCM and PM workflows.

Customizable Edits

Pulse CodeCheck has a wide range of professional and institutional edits that can be enabled or disabled for specific claim types or by individual payers. For further customization, an “edit wizard” allows users to create unique edits based on a set of parameters that trigger customized messages. Additionally, a wide variety of content-driven technical edits are performed to prevent denials and decrease the potential for inaccurate or reduced payments.Pulse CodeCheck is simply the most comprehensive clinical claim and encounter scrubbing solution available on the market today.Pulse CodeCheck's content database – more than 30 years in the making – is constantly being updated and improved to provide the most in-depth rules engine on the market today.

Benefits of Pulse CodeCheck:

  • Improve your revenue cycle performance with claim validity and accuracy
  • Proven and reliable deployment
  • Achieve a positive impact on cash flow
  • Contribute to timely reimbursement
  • Save valuable staff time with fewer denials
  • Maximize MIPS incentives and bonus reimbursement, while avoiding negative penalties
  • Bring unmatched functionality to revenue cycle workflows by reducing administrative burdens
  • Reliability and trustworthiness of an Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) accredited data center that hosts your critical data
  • Support from a complete team of healthcare reimbursement experts
  • Compliance with HIPAA, ARRA-HITECH, and other select state rules and regulations
  • Accommodation of industry standards and the proper use of transaction sets
  • Security of PHI through ongoing assessment of operations, security, and privacy, as well as policies and procedures
  • Demonstrated adherence to a higher standard of quality, privacy, security, and confidentiality as well as data management

Our decades of experience and our excellent customer service have proven our reliability.