Population Health

Elevate your value-based payment performance with customized population health solutions.

Understand, Engage, and Measure with Population Health

You need more than your EMR to understand, engage, measure and improve your patient population health care and risk stratification demands. Your EMR is great at analyzing a single patient but Population Health can analyze your practice as a whole. Our Population Health solution gives you the tools to aggregate, analyze, and achieve results, such as better patient care, reduced patient costs, and increased practice productivity.

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Population Health

Standout Features
Clinical Quality Measures Module

Clinical Quality Measures, or CQMs, are the data points that CMS utilizes to measure and track the quality of health care services provided to patients. Providers will soon need to submit this data and could potentially earn incentives based on the results. Ask us how your practice can reach these goals using the right tool with your EHR.

Patient View Feature

The Patient View feature allows you to drill down on a patient prior to the appointment so you can be ready to address any care gaps prior to the visit.

Patient Reminder System

Save time and increase revenue with an automated and fully-integrated patient reminder system, Pulse Engage.

No more calling patients to confirm appointments—use that time to build relationships with your patients and provide the best medical service possible.

Make your patients feel special with customized messages based on appointment type and eliminate expensive paper-based mailing campaigns.

Expand your clinic hours by scheduling automated messages after-hours and on weekends.

PulseCloud gives you a heads up when a patient needs to cancel, so you can quickly fill their slot, eliminating gaps in your day.

As part of our cloud-based practice management software, we also offer an automated patient statement generator.
Chronic Care Management Module

Whether or not medical practices have heard about it, the federal government is moving ahead with changing the way it provides reimbursement for care of patients with chronic conditions.  Ask us about the specifics of the program and how your practice can improve patient care (and earn additional revenue) using a Chronic Care Management tool with your EHR.

Care Gaps Module

Ask us how you can identify gaps in patient care and understand the ways you can fix the problem (and how this will specifically benefit your practice).

Carol Shick, Business Office Manager
Gastrointestinal Associates
Overland Park, KS
"What I like about Pulse is that it's easy to use, and it makes sense.
And a lot of employees that work at Pulse have been Office Managers before, so they've been me - they know what it's like!"
Derek Armstrong, CEO
Midwest Orthopaedic Center
Peoria, IL
"Pulse was able to reduce days in A/R which meant revenue in the door quicker.
With Pulse we definitely, unequivocally achieve better cash flow."
Frank Feigenbaum, MD
Feigenbaum Neurosurgery, PA
Dallas, TX
"PulseRCM simplifies our business by consolidating the patient records and billing services.
Pulse has the ability to tailor their services to fit our particular needs."
Dave Gordon, CPA, Practice Manager
Hillside Medical Center
Wichita, KS
"The clinical side of the Pulse solution was more robust that those offered by other vendors..
The functionality within the messaging capabilities provides strong documentation without time-consuming steps other vendors require."
Leslie Plyer, Clinical Nurse Manager
Carolina Medical Associates
Rockhill, SC
"Pulse is the best for us because their EHR fits our practice..
We were able to customize it to each physician, and they were able to offer us support and the things we needed with little downtime."
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