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  • “PulseRCM simplifies our business by consolidating the patient record and billing services. Pulse has the ability to tailor their services to fit our particular business needs.”

    - Frank Feigenbaum, MD, Feigenbaum Neurosurgery, PA

  • “PulseRCM has helped our office tremendously. Pulse files our claims, ensures payments are received and posted, processes appeals, and spends much time on the phone with insurance companies to increase reimbursements. The Pulse team is also always willing to speak with our patients and help when issues arise.”

    - Laura Abshire, Office Manager, Feigenbaum Neurosurgery, PA

  • “We benchmark RCM performance, and we’re in the top 10% of our specialty, with a 98.7% clean claims submission rate on the first pass. Which is best in class. Pulse was able to reduce our days in A/R which meant revenue in the door quicker. With Pulse we definitely unequivocally achieve better cash flow. ”

    - Derek Armstrong, CEO, Midwest Orthopaedic Center

  • “We’re very satisfied with the performance of Pulse. Our standard of care combines conventional and complementary medicine. Pulse works with us to ensure we know which services we can bill, which we can’t and how to submit those claims to avoid problems and collect charges in a timely manner. ”

    - Georgette Schwartz, Practice Manager / Director of Nutrition Services, Advanced Medical Therapeutics

  • “The software is easy to use and makes it possible to achieve the seemingly impossible challenges set before our staff. Even during our transition to ICD-10, it was basically effortless on our staff’s part. There were no glitches, no missed payments and hardly an extra minute of our precious time was wasted on worrying or unnecessary training.”

    - Leslie Robbins, Practice Manager, Vascular Tyler

  • “We had a contract with one of the biggest names in RCM, but they were providing almost no value, with add-on charges and hidden costs. After moving our business to Pulse, Pulse makes our problems their priorities, treats us like a partner, works and watches our claims, and brings us new ways to save time and money. It’s important to be able to trust the people who handle your money.”

    - Jinny Freeman, Practice Administrator, Spell Fitch Women’s Care

  • “The clinical side of the Pulse solution was more robust than those offered by the other vendors, and I specifically liked the functionality within the messaging capabilities that provided strong, necessary, immediate documentation without extra time-consuming steps other vendors required.”

    - Dave Gordon, CPA, Practice Administrator, Hillside Medical Center

  • “I think Pulse's biggest strength is their flexibility and their creativity. We find something as a multi-specialty group that we want to change and shape, and they listen to us and make it happen.”

    - Dr. TJ Hegerich, Leesburg Sterling Family Practice, Loudon County, VA

  • “Having a practice management software and an electronic health records software that is fully integrated with one another helps the patient flow — from the front office and checking in the patient — to the clinical side of the office all the way through the patient visit — to the claims being filed, to insurance being verified, to the money being paid by the insurance company — and being able to make sure the physician and staff productivity is where it needs to be.”

    - Regina Dedeaux, Practice Administrator, Jackson Cardiology Associates, Jackson, MS

  • “What I like about Pulse is that it's easy to use, it makes sense. And a lot of their customer service people and a lot of the people that work for Pulse have been Office Managers before, so they've been me — they know what it's like!”

    - Carole Shick, Business Office Manager, Gastrointestinal Associates, Overland Park, Kansas

  • “With Pulse RCM, we’ve cut staffing costs by $100,000, reduced days in A/R by half or more, and our revenue is up over 25%. We’re upgrading our facilities and equipment and are paying bonuses. Our staff is relaxed and confident, and our patients are happier than ever.”

    - Dr. Joseph Hermann, M.D., Lakewood Family Medicine, Lakewood, Colorado

  • “Pulse is best for us because their EHR fit our practice, we were able to customize it for each physician, and they were able to offer us the support and the things that we needed to get it up and running with very little downtime.”

    - Leslie Plyer, RN, Clinical Nurse Manager, Carolina Medical Consultants Rockhill, South Carolina

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