secure data center


Pulse required a HIPAA-compliant data center solution capable of 100% uptime. Pulse’s parent company, Cegedim, owns and operates multiple data centers in France and the UK, and has plans for additional data centers to handle regulatory requirements from their current client base. Pulse’s primary objective was to maintain compliance without the cost restrictions of owning and operating another data center.Pulse’s technical requirements included the need for a private NOC in a minimum 200 sf DR location with space for six 42u cabinets and 1000 Mb/s burstable multi- carrier connection that delivered dual-path (protected circuits) connectivity from their preferred provider. To ensure a failsafe compliance environment, Pulse required a fully redundant infrastructure with controlled access to their private data center using advanced biometric technology, separate workspaces to accommodate three technicians, and access to conference rooms, tech lounges, storage rooms, and amenities. Overall, Pulse was seeking a reliable, seamless solution to avoid the costs, disruption, and downtime of building their own data center from the ground up.The team at Cavern delivered an integrated solution for Pulse that addressed all their technical and operational requirements. Cavern provided a fully-redundant infrastructure, including 2N UPS, N+1 HVAC, and redundant circuits (with access to other carrier circuits). The Cavern solution also delivered security controls including advanced biometrics and facial recognition; a seamless link to existing HID and key code systems; dual-authentication, dual-login, in-room motion sensors and PTZ cameras connected to the Pulse network; and secure logged entry to the private NOC.Cavern’s solution also provided the benefit of a swift, cost-effective transition so Pulse could have operations up and running quickly – and be fully compliant.


Within four months, Pulse transitioned hardware assets, including 500 application servers, from two disparate U.S. data centers to a 200 sf private data suite in Cavern’s contemporary facility. Pulse immediately realized a 75% cost savings over their previous above-ground facility, due in part to Cavern’s ambient 65° temperature and lower utility costs. System performance was also optimized because of consistent humidity levels. With Cavern’s 24x7x365 tech support, the company is able to guarantee 99.9% up-time and comprehensive redundancy. This partnership has helped Pulse increase business with major technology players. One of Pulse’s multimillion-dollar clients stated, “The choice was obvious”, once they toured Pulse’s secure underground Private Data Suite in Cavern’s complex. Cavern Technologies is now the primary data center for Pulse clients in North America.