Medical Accounts Receivable Management


Working in a medical office is supposed to be a hands-on type of job where you are really in the thick of things and striving to be on the move. However, many people find that in today’s medical field, they aren’t moving around as much as they would like. Instead, you are chained to your computer and phone, filling out forms, dealing with insurance companies, and talking to patients. You’d rather be talking to patients in person, working to solve problems with coworkers, and even doing research to help others. That is why so many healthcare providers are looking toward medical accounts receivable management companies. We take some of that pressure off of you and allow you to do the parts of your job that you want to.

The job of a medical accounts receivable management company is to shoulder some of the burden in things that can be automated or handled by an outside firm – things like claims management, tendering payments, scheduling with clients, and generating reports. We take the process you have now and automate it so that everything can be done much more quickly and succinctly. This also means you’ll be able to do things without the risk of mistakes or problems.

Essentially, we help to eliminate some of the human errors that can pop up when you have people doing most of the heavy lifting. Especially in a medical setting, frequent mistakes can be costly.


Medical Accounts Receivable Companies

One of the most important things about working with a medical accounts receivable management company is that they give value to your business and the revenue cycle. That’s why we collect data as we work and prepare it for you to review. You’ll be able to see how your revenue cycle is going, what we predict will happen in the future, and where we need to focus. This can help you to set goals, establish hiring zones, and even whether or not to expand.

Medical Accounts Receivable Management and Patient Satisfaction

Our team of billers and certified coders work extremely hard to learn everything there is to know about their jobs so that they can provide premiere service to you. We work to establish trust between you, your patients, and insurance companies.

We ensure that you get optimal billing rates so that you make the most money possible. Even better, we work with patients and their insurance companies so that they can get access to what they deserve. You’ll get paid, your patient will be confident, and the insurance companies will give you what you deserve.

Medical Accounts Receivable Management doctor holding money

Medical Accounts Receivable Management Future

Moving forward, working with patients on an individual basis will be extremely popular. More and more people are paying for their healthcare out of their own pockets, and this is trend that will likely continue. They want to know that their money is going to the right places.

Our methods utilize best practices and we are consistently near the top of our field. We’ve helped medical centers of all sizes in automating their systems and moving toward the future of the medical revenue cycle. More importantly, we give you the ability to spend more time with your patients, working on solutions that are real and important.


Best Revenue Cycle Partners for Medical Accounts Receivable Management

We choose to only work with the best of the best in terms of our team members. Everyone is well trained, professional, and discrete in handling any patient information. We want to be partners with you in every sense of the word. We’ll provide you with information, talk to you about problems, and work as a team to handle issues.

We cover the startup costs. You won’t need to purchase software licensing, hardware, or worry about trainings and upgrades. Instead, that is all handled in house.

We are trained and ready to help you with the following medical accounts receivable tasks:

Front-Office Revenue Cycle Solutions:

Your front office is harried and running ragged every day. Our team can handle thing like patient scheduling, POS collections, and claims. With our team, you will have fewer slip-ups and less time sitting on the phone on hold.


Change Coding; Enter Coding; Review Coding


Electronic Claim Submission; Electronic Claim Status Updates; Electronic Claims Management; Re-Filing Denied Claims; Appealing Denied Claims; Payment Posting


Managing Accounts Receivable; Customized Patient Statements; Payment and Patient Collections


Pay Performance (Rankings, Negotiations, and Compliance); Provider Credentialing; Provider Registration

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Performance:

Financial Performance; Operations Efficiency; Best Practices

Give us a call today and we can work with you to establish a relationship that will allow you to flourish and still have control over your accounts receivable department.

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