Lana Chubakha
Chief Executive Officer
Pulse Systems, Inc.
"Our biggest investment is in our people.
Pulse technology, service, and compliance experts can make a significant impact on your practice."
Dr. Dar Griffeth
Pulse Systems, Inc.
"Pulse is passionate about improving healthcare technology and services.
We are willing to do what ever we can to help our customers reach their goals."
Janis Beckham
Director of Customer Success
Pulse Systems, Inc.
"Business goals are different for each practice.
Maintaining an open line of communication is key to achieving your goals."
Paola Williams
RCM Manager
Pulse Systems, Inc.
"Pulse excels at helping physicians reach their business goals.
We specialize in streamlining workflows between your practice and Pulse technology and service solutions."
Bob Henry
Director of Customer Support
Pulse Systems, Inc.
"Customer Support starts with developing strong relationships with our customers.
We are focused on building and maintaining ongoing success for our clients."