• Pulse is Ready
    for ICD-10!

    Pulse’s 2014 ONC HIT Certified, Complete EHR, Practice Management
    System, has been ready for ICD-10 since achieving its
    original certification on August 7, 2013.

  • Clinically, interactively, economically better.

    Pulse is the better choice for us.

    Our multispecialty already had Pulse for Practice Management. So having Pulse’s integrated Electronic Health Records solution made a huge amount of sense. We can share information, task each other, and take better care of our patients.

    Dr. TJ Hegerich,
    Leesburg Sterling
    Family Practice,
    Loudoun County, VA

  • We increased revenue and peace of mind.

    Pulse is a part of our practice.

    Our Pulse PM and Complete EHR solutions help us schedule patients,
    verify insurance, send clean claims, and more. We’re able to capture all of our charges, improve our revenue stream, shorten our days in A/R, and build up our practice.

    Regina Dedeaux,
    Practice Administrator
    Jackson Cardiology
    Associates, Jackson, MS

  • My physicians make demands.

    Pulse makes it doable.

    Pulse takes care of our practice, our patients, and our staff. We are able to customize it for each physician, and implement without losing any patient hours.

    Leslie Plyler,
    RN, Clinical Nurse Manager
    Carolina Medical Consultants,
    Rock Hill, SC

  • We see better collection rates with Pulse RCM.

    Pulse Revenue Cycle Management.

    We get unparalleled transparency, accuracy and performance the complete Pulse solution. We have a best-in-class 98% first time pass rate on claims, increased receipts, charges, collection rates, and fewer days in A/R, for better cash flow.

    Derek Armstrong,
    Chief Executive Officer
    Midwest Orthopaedic
    Center, Peoria, IL

  • Our patients are the most important people in the world.

    Pulse treats us the same way.

    Our multispecialty group shares one fully integrated PM and Complete EHR system. It has to work for everything. With Pulse, we get an easy-to-use, quality system, and 100% of their attention.

    Dr. Rebecca Fox,
    Loudoun Pediatric
    Loudoun County, VA

  • EHR doesn’t define us.

    We define EHR

    Meaningful Use and CMS regulations are constantly changing. Pulse keeps pace with the changes while continually enhancing products.

    Clarissa Martinez, R.N.
    Wichita Surgical Specialists

  • Best Practices.

    Better results.

    Our PM, EHR, ERx and RCM solutions and services can
    help you achieve better scores and retention rates, shorter pay cycles,
    higher reimbursements, and lower staffing, insurance and collections costs.

    Jeff Burton
    Chief Executive Officer
    Pulse Systems, Inc.

  • Why spend money
    to collect money?

    Control your A/R with PulsePro.

    PulsePro practice management helps us customize reports, run receivables the moment a charge is entered, and manage collections without an agency. But Pulse isn’t just about software. They’re definitely partners, and with us all the way.

    Carole Shick,
    Business Office Manager
    Gastrointestinal Associates,
    Overland Park, KS

Why Pulse

why pulse

Imagine every aspect of your practice from the front desk to the back office, working together as a single, integrated system; sharing information, saving time and solving problems. That’s what Pulse does for you.



Our Practice Management, Electronic Health Record, Revenue Cycle Management and ePrescribing solutions integrate clinical, administrative and financial processes to boost productivity throughout your practice, helping you to provide better care, at lower cost.



Every practice professional knows: you need more than software to operate today. You need real solutions, access, service, training, implementation, support, and above all, partnership. Because you’re choosing nothing less than a partner whose skills, knowledge and approach will affect your entire practice – including physicians, staff and patients – at every level. Pulse excels in client service.

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Billing & Collections

RCM Services

Pulse’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) delivers higher collection rates, shorter payment cycles and reduced operating expenses; all of which increase the positive cash flow of your practice. Pulse’s RCM team supports your financial functions with experienced, results focused, certified coders and billing experts. Pulse’s RCM uses comprehensive claims scrubbing rules delivering first time claim acceptance rates averaging over 98%.

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