Quality Reporting

Elevate your value-based payment performance with customized quality reporting solutions.

Drive Greater Value – for Your Patients and Your Practice

Not only does quality reporting highlight where patients need the most care, but also how they receive it. But without the proper help, practices can have challenges—such as identifying the proper measurements—that prevent the proper information from being documented.

With our expert guidance and integrated solution suite, Pulse helps physician practices strengthen quality performance. Our hands-on partnership approach empowers you to report on any quality measure, activity or performance category to improve outcomes and your revenue.

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99% Quality Reporting Success Rate

Pulse positions physician practices for quality reporting success. Our deep knowledge of quality payment programs, easy-to-use interface and seamless solution have helped practices enjoy a success rate higher than 99%, avoiding negative payment adjustments under MACRA.

Our experts are highly skilled in identifying the right measures for your practice. The Pulse quality reporting solution also gives you:

  • A convenient user-interface

  • Expert assistance identifying the right measures for your practice

  • Advanced analytics that quickly match patients to quality measures

  • The ability to track performance at any time

  • Easy, seamless quality data submission to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services


Standout Features
Population Health

Pulse is a leading provider of population health management solutions for providers across more than 40 specialties. We use advanced data analytics to help you deliver the right care for the right patient at the right time.


Looking for updates to the electronic clinical quality measure (E-CQM) value sets? Seeking guidance on how to comply with the new requirements? We’ve got you covered.

Patient Reminder System

Save time and increase revenue with an automated and fully-integrated patient reminder system, Pulse Engage.

No more calling patients to confirm appointments—use that time to build relationships with your patients and provide the best medical service possible.

Make your patients feel special with customized messages based on appointment type and eliminate expensive paper-based mailing campaigns.

Expand your clinic hours by scheduling automated messages after-hours and on weekends.

PulseCloud gives you a heads up when a patient needs to cancel, so you can quickly fill their slot, eliminating gaps in your day.

As part of our cloud-based practice management software, we also offer an automated patient statement generator.
Data Aggregation

How you aggregate and analyze your data can significantly impact your performance under value-based payment programs. Refine your approach with a true partner.

Quality Reporting

Make more informed business decisions with proprietary analytics and reporting features. Reliable performance metrics can minimize error and gives your practice the chance to analyze key performance indicators, making it easy for you to fill in appointments, reduce late cancellations, analyze accounts receivable and evaluate productivity.

Our flash reports can be customized to your various stakeholders’ requirements, and you can use them to see data such as patients who frequently fail to show up for their appointments; or track which patients don’t pay their bills on time and take action from there. Your staff will be able to easily create a report that covers the number of weekly claims and denials, ensuring your entire staff is kept in the loop.

Pulse Quality Reporting pulls charges, insurance adjustments, contractual adjustments, days in A/R, top CPT codes, most common ICD-10 codes and month-over-month healthcare financial management reporting.  This, along with weekly performance reports and month-close financial reports, helps you stay on top of your practice status.

Registry Measures

Under MACRA’s MIPS track, eligible clinicians can choose to submit data through a qualified registry. Determine the right registry measures for your practice without hassle.

Insurance Eligibility and Claims Processing

With PulseCloud, your insurance eligibility can be run on an individual basis OR in batch mode. This checks eligibility for all patients scheduled in a day and runs in real-time.

Our system also allows you to submit claims electronically to multiple insurance providers and manage claims that are denied. Instead of dealing with back-and-forth claims denials, our practice management software catches claims processing errors and displays the problem. From there, you can immediately fix and resubmit. Plus, you can instantly check the status of your insurance claims for multiple patients. No more waiting on hold! Why settle for your current practice management system when you could benefit from faster claims processing, turnaround time and payment of claims?

MACRA Resource Center

With MACRA well underway and here to stay, the stakes for quality performance are high. Take advantage of our wealth of resources, in which a variety of Pulse experts share strategies to optimize performance under MACRA.

Carol Shick, Business Office Manager
Gastrointestinal Associates
Overland Park, KS
"What I like about Pulse is that it's easy to use, and it makes sense.
And a lot of employees that work at Pulse have been Office Managers before, so they've been me - they know what it's like!"
Derek Armstrong, CEO
Midwest Orthopaedic Center
Peoria, IL
"Pulse was able to reduce days in A/R which meant revenue in the door quicker.
With Pulse we definitely, unequivocally achieve better cash flow."
Frank Feigenbaum, MD
Feigenbaum Neurosurgery, PA
Dallas, TX
"PulseRCM simplifies our business by consolidating the patient records and billing services.
Pulse has the ability to tailor their services to fit our particular needs."
Dave Gordon, CPA, Practice Manager
Hillside Medical Center
Wichita, KS
"The clinical side of the Pulse solution was more robust that those offered by other vendors..
The functionality within the messaging capabilities provides strong documentation without time-consuming steps other vendors require."
Leslie Plyer, Clinical Nurse Manager
Carolina Medical Associates
Rockhill, SC
"Pulse is the best for us because their EHR fits our practice..
We were able to customize it to each physician, and they were able to offer us support and the things we needed with little downtime."
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