A Direct Line of Communication Between You and Your Patients

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October 23, 2017

InteliChart Patient Portal provides your patients with safe, secure 24/7 access to their health information via the internet. InteliChart Patient Portal offers a central place for your patients to view their health records, schedule appointments, request medication refills, see test results and make payments. Also InteliChart Patient Portal satisfies 2015 MU3 & MIPS requirements to help you meet your federal meaningful use requirements.InteliChart Patient Portal is global, allowing your patients to access other providers who also use InteliChart — patients can connect to all their providers and hospitals through a single portal solution. And InteliChart Patient Portal is mobile-optimized so your patients can access it from any device using an internet browser — there is no application to install!

The InteliChart Patient Portal allows your patients to:

View & update all patient details including contact information, insurance details, medical history, allergies, immunizations, and family & social history.Review & maintain their medication information including view all current prescriptions, request prescription refills, and make generic medication requests.Access the portal via a simple internet browser without needing to install an application.Connect directly to your practice through secure messaging, downloading static and interactive forms, making a referral request, submitting a prescription request, and viewing educational material and discharge instructions.View their medical records including recent vitals & chart entries, lab and diagnostic test results, and current medications.

Improving Patient Engagement While Enhancing Quality of Care

Your patients will love using the InteliChart Patient Portal. It will help enhance your quality of care and improve patient engagement, making patients feel comfortable and valued by sharing their health information through all the features of the portal.

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  • Medication Refill Requests - Your patients can now request refills 24/7, without making a single phone call.
  • Secure Messaging - Your patients and practice staff can exchange messages 24/7 securely and efficiently, enabling staff to respond to patient queries when it best suits their schedules.
  • Online Lab Results - Delivering laboratory and diagnostic test results to patients has never been easier. No more time-consuming phone calls, mailed letters, or mangled postcards.
  • Patient E-Forms - Collect patient information before and after visits and import results to your EHR.
  • Online Appointment Scheduling - Allow patients to book their appointments at their convenience anytime, day or night.
  • Online Bill Payments - Make it easy for patients to pay their bills online.
  • Global Portal - Patients can connect to all their providers and hospitals that use InteliChart.
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