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Pulse Partners with Change Healthcare to Create a Stronger and More Efficient Healthcare System that Enables Better Patient Care and Outcomes

Pulse Payment Automation powered by Change Healthcare allows physician practices to process remits through a provider-defined standard and deliver a single, output file for end-to-end cash posting and management. Through the use of a Healthcare Lockbox, Pulse Payment Automation gathers all of your remits and payments into one location, apply funds to your remits, convert your paper to a postable 835 message, organize your non-payment claim feedback, and feed the remit to your system automatically.Pulse Payment Automation powered by Change Healthcare streamlines your practice’s remittance processing and healthcare payments by integrating key processing functions into a single solution through the following offerings:

  • Healthcare Lockbox
  • EOB Conversion
  • Funds Verification
  • Posting Enrichment
  • Correspondence Processing
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Healthcare Lockbox

Healthcare Lockbox is a bank-independent, healthcare-focused solution designed for advanced sorting and processing of inbound paper documents, including payments, remittances, zero pay denials, and correspondence. Healthcare Lockbox uses mailroom professionals that are well trained to handle the variances and complexities of healthcare documents and payments, giving you a higher level of service and efficiency than bank-based wholesale lockbox.

Conversion and Verification

EOB Conversion converts your paper remittances to a postable 835 file and eliminates manual payment posting. This solution’s blend of technology and skilled revenue cycle experts creates accurate, complete 835 files that auto post at high first-pass yields to help lower your costs and drive revenue.Funds Verification automates the matching of payments with remittance items from any paper or electronic source, giving you faster cash application with less manual effort. The output is a funded 835 file ready for posting, and a portal workflow to manage unmatched payments and remittances.Posting and CorrespondencePosting Enrichment converts your remittance from a payer format to a provider-defined billing system input. By streamlining, standardizing, and automating your remittance posting, Posting Enrichment is designed to increase your revenue cycle accuracy. It also improves efficiency by using incoming remittance data to power your revenue cycle workflow.Correspondence Processing indexes your practice’s non-payment paper transactions to the patient level and sends data to provider imaging systems or Pulse’s online workflow. Pulse separates true correspondence from zero-pay denials and EOBs without checks. This service reduces the burden of manual clerical tasks and paper handling, helping to lower your processing costs and speeding the turnaround of your correspondence document.

Pulse Patient Billing and Statements

Improve Your Bottom Line with Patient-Centric Statements

Pulse Patient Billing and Statements powered by Change Healthcare is designed to provide fast, effective statement and invoice processing, printing, and mailing — cutting your costs to get you paid sooner.

Ease the Burden of Traditional Mail

Pulse taps the power of your billing database to deliver personalized patient statements and invoices across channels. Statement and invoice mailing is simplified with:

  • Digital patient statement delivery
  • Two high-volume processing sites with USPS® national account status to minimize turnaround and reduce mail delivery time
  • Address Cleansing Services that feature USPS® NCOALINK technology to speed the forwarding process
  • Processing of returned mail and secure destruction, plus skip trace and re-mail if a new address is found
  • Return Mail Manager that decreases the time it takes to make a second attempt at communicating financial responsibility

“Pulse Patient Billing and Statements powered by Change Healthcare offers advanced statement and invoice processing that drive more efficient patient payments.”

Help Create Better Results with Clearer Statements

With PulsePatient Billing and Statements powered by Change Healthcare, Pulse uses an intuitive design approach, combined with cutting-edge processing for fast printing. Pulse’s delivery of statements and invoices helps practices:

  • Lower customer service calls with accurate and concise financial statements
  • Improve cash flow through prompt and understandable billing
  • Reduce the need for maintaining a large inventory of mailing materials
  • Save money and improve collections by decreasing undeliverable mail