Hospital Accounts Receivable Management


There isn’t much that television shows about hospitals get right – except for one major thing: they are busy. There is always something going right, something going wrong, and people running in every direction. With all of that confusion and chaos, it can sometimes be difficult to focus on your bottom line and ensuring that patients and insurance companies are getting their money to you, you are filing the right forms, and your system is working as it should. That’s why a hospital accounts receivable management firm is the best option for busy hospitals and healthcare offices. Companies like Pulse work to streamline and automate your revenue cycle so that things happen quickly, efficiently, and correctly. Whether we are tendering payments, working to track patient care, or simply filing insurance claims, everything we do takes one more thing off of your to-do list. Even more importantly, we allow you to have time to connect with your patients.

The financial revenue cycle and accounts receivable management is difficult for many hospitals because there is a certain type of precision and attention to detail needed – something that is nearly impossible in a hospital setting, especially when completed by humans. Billing, filing claims, and tracking success has better accuracy when performed by computers and it takes a fraction of the time.


Hospital Accounts Receivable Management Firms

When you are thinking about all of the busy work you do in a day – the emails you send, calls you have to make, and even the faxes you receive you – realize that you are spending more time sitting at your desk than you are working with other doctors, nurses, and patients. It can be extremely disappointing and disheartening to realize your skills are getting used.

When you outsource your revenue cycle to a team of coders, billers, and customer service experts, you suddenly get a huge chunk of your day back. Even better, we use optimal billing methods so that you get your money quickly, you rarely have delays, and your patients trust you with all of their care.
If a patient’s claim gets rejected because you have made an error, that starts to create a cycle of negative word of mouth. With a dedicated team focusing on filing claims, the risk lessens and you won’t have significantly fewer cases where you need to resubmit a claim because you forgot something. Going into the next few years, hospital accounts receivable management firms believe that more and more individuals will take control of their own payments, so it is important to focus in on their needs.


Best Hospital Accounts Receivable Management Firms

As we said, everything could change for hospitals and other healthcare providers within the next few years. That is why we work to create an automated system that will fluctuate with the changes our accounts receivable departments will see.

We do all of this without huge startup costs for you. Once you choose our hospital accounts receivable management firm, you will get access to all we have to offer: software, hardware, trainings, and maintenance. You won’t have to purchase any new items or licenses.

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What Does Hospital Accounts Receivable Management Do?

There are many subcategories and topics covered by our umbrella of services. We work to make your revenue cycle and accounts receivable more efficient, more effective, and harder working. This will result in a better bottom line for you. Our billing experts and coders go above and beyond to ensure that your office has the best reputation possible.

Our team is happy to serve you with the following tasks. Our list is ever growing as more skills become necessary to thrive in hospital accounts receivable management:


  • Change Coding
  • Entry Coding
  • Review Coding


  • Electronic Claim Submission
  • Electronic Claim Status Updates
  • Electronic Claims Management
  • Re-Filing Denied Claims
  • Appealing Denied Claims
  • Payment Posting


  • Managing Accounts Receivable
  • Customized Patient Statements
  • Payment and Patient Collections


  • Pay Performance (Rankings, Negotiations, and Compliance)
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Provider Registration

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Performance

  • Financial Performance
  • Operations Efficiency
  • Best Practices

At the end of each month, we give you a report that discusses what our team has done for you. You will be able to look at your results and see where changes need to be made, where you need to push harder, and how much further you can go. Give us a call today and we can set up a time to chat about your accounts receivable needs.

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