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Urology Tyler, an eight-urologist practice located in Tyler, Texas, has relied on Pulse for scheduling and practice management (PM) solutions for nearly 20 years. But practice leaders couldn’t fully appreciate the impact of Pulse solutions on their practice revenue until the practice integrated with a new electronic health record (EHR) in 2015.On the day the new system went live, leaders for Urology Tyler knew something was amiss. “That first day, our in-house collections decreased by 50 percent, and our outgoing claims were delayed significantly,” says Melissa Manning, practice administrator for Urology Tyler. “We went six weeks without a payment. It pretty much shut our practice down.”Fortunately, Pulse’s PM software integrates easily with any EHR. The Pulse team built an interface with Urology Tyler’s new EHR that enabled their team to resume conducting scheduling, patient registration, medical billing, coding, and claims processing activities within the Pulse system. Clinical documentation takes place in the EHR, and all critical data inputted through the Pulse system, such as scheduling information, was transferred into the EHR.“Within eight weeks of our new EHR implementation—and just two weeks after contacting Pulse for help—we were able to return to business as normal,” Manning says. “Our experience says a great deal about the value Pulse provides when it comes to revenue cycle management and practice management.”

A Long-Lasting Partnership

Throughout Urology Tyler’s nearly 20-year collaboration with Pulse, the healthcare industry has weathered several challenges that have significantly impacted physician practices, including the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10; the move to the new federal Quality Payment Program, MACRA; changes in reimbursement from both government and commercial payers; increased regulatory and compliance challenges; and more. With each new challenge, Pulse provides the support needed to maintain efficiency and profitability.“Pulse is really on top of any governmental changes that could affect our practice,” Manning says. “Before new regulations or programs are rolled out, Pulse anticipates the impact of these initiatives and develops workflows and solutions our practice can use to respond effectively and efficiently.”Under Pulse, Urology Tyler has moved to a paperless-chart office, doing away with rooms full of charts and using the space for more value-added activities.

Advanced Support for Specialty Care

With the array of specialized services Urology Tyler offers, it’s critical that staff and physicians stay on top of new coding rules as well as the administrative requirements of value-based reimbursement programs. Pulse assists the Urology Tyler team in ensuring critical data is captured from the point of care through billing.To support accurate coding, complete documentation and clean claims, Urology Tyler uses PulsePM, an advanced practice management system that offers next-level solutions for scheduling, patient registration, billing, coding and claims processing. PulsePM reduces the administrative tasks that often bog down specialty practice teams, applying automated workflow logic to financial, clinical and administrative processes.PulsePM also allows Urology Tyler’s staff to focus on tasks that best utilize their talents and skillsets. For example, the automation software allows Urology Tyler staff more time to focus on improving the patient experience —a win-win for patients and the practice.

A Personal Touch

As Urology Tyler continues to expand, with plans to add a ninth urologist in the next year, Pulse’s ever-expanding capabilities and specialized solutions position the practice to experience sustained success.“Beyond its advanced PM solutions, what differentiates Pulse most from other vendors is the level of personal service the company provides,” Manning says.“We know not only the managers of our account, but also the people who talk with us over the phone when we have a question or need assistance,” Manning says. “To Pulse, we’re not just another customer; we have a relationship with their team. They listen to our ideas and incorporate them into products and workflows that make a difference for those we serve. We’re proud to have developed such a strong relationship for revenue cycle success.”