There is a better way to manage Provider Enrollment & Hospital Privileges



“Quickly and easily submit your credentialing documentation to Pulse one time, and we’ll keep it on file to enroll you in networks that you choose.”

The Problem

  • The average healthcare provider contracts with 5 to 30 payors
  • Appropriate applications or forms need to be requested
  • Credentialing information needs to be gathered
  • Applications - which can be as long as 50 or more pages - need to be filled out by hand
  • The signed paperwork needs to be submitted, followed up on and then continually maintained in terms of updating and re-attesting

The Solution

Pulse Credentialing powered by Med Advantage is the answer. Quickly and easily submit your credentialing documentation to Pulse one time, and we’ll keep it on file to enroll you in networks that you choose. Acting as an advocate and liaison between your providers and the payors you have chosen, our experts facilitate the process from application request until your providers are participating in a network and receiving reimbursements. Pulse Credentialing is designed to be an affordable outsourcing solution that meets the needs of individual providers as well as larger facilities. Whether your practice consists of one provider or hundreds, or you are a start-up clinic or have been in business for years, Pulse works with you to meet your credentialing needs.


Services Include

  • System setup
  • Updating/maintaining an existing CAQH account
  • Monitoring expirables (license, DEA, insurance, board certifications)
  • Provider profile establishment
  • Payor enrollment expansion
  • Credentialing / re-credentialing application to current health plans
  • Follow up for acceptance or denial
  • Management of all hospital privileges
  • Medicare and Medicaid Applications (includes re-validating)

Pulse Credentialing Services

The process of provider enrollment has long been the same: collect information and supporting documents from the practice manager, hope it’s correct, repopulate it onto applications, submit and follow up on applications.Pulse, armed with over 20  years of credentialing experience and a database housing verified credentialing information for 96 percent of healthcare providers currently practicing in the United States, is now offering enhanced credentialing services powered by Med Advantage to guide you through credentialing with health plans and securing hospital privileges.We get our information straight from the source (the agency, board, school, medical association) so you are enrolled faster and receive reimbursements sooner. Who do you trust with your credentialing data?

Trust Pulse's Results

20+ YEARSExperience in the credentialing industry1.8 MILLIONCredentialing transactions to date3.7 MILLIONVerified medical licenses1 MILLIONProviders60,000Verified board certifications780,000Verified DEA certifications962,000Verified medical educations