PulseCloud is designed to help physician practices increase reimbursements and improve overall patient satisfaction. PulseCloudTM 10.14 contains features that greatly simplify our clients’ healthcare payments and remittance management by letting them sort and process payments easier and faster. This improves revenue cycle management and increases cash flow of physician practices.In the new version of PulseCloud, the lockbox feature has been upgraded to offer live search capabilities when processing patient and insurance payments. Clients can easily search for remittance data as well as claims and denial information. The new live search feature gives clients a powerful payment and claim processing tool that helps them realize better cash flow while reducing time spent managing the payment posting process.PulseCloud’s Superbill feature, which contains key information about medical services provided at a practice, has been designed to be highly customizable to fit the needs of providers, and facilitate medical coding and the creation of claims. Clients can set up the layout needed for their practices and move several service code sections from one area to another in a Superbill. This key functionality helps practice staff be more productive by eliminating redundant data entry, while saving time and money.

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