Every day, technology is evolving to make practice management more efficient. Cardiology practice management software is no exception. Our PM software makes your job easier by scheduling appointments, automating reporting, handling your claims and more. Unlike other assistance software, PM deals with the day-to-day operations of a medical practice.  Whether you need a quick snapshot of patient demographics or a report to help optimize for the next quarter, Pulse can help.

Who We Help

We target mainly small to medium-sized offices that don’t have the resources to hire on a full-time practice manager.  You typically hear the term PMs used in conjunction with Electronic Medical Records (EMR), since both systems perform similar functions. The key difference is that EMRs aid with clinical matters, while practice management software focuses on administrative and financial matters. Though we can handle integration with other software companies, it’s ideal to have your EMR and PMs managed by the same business.

Scheduling Appointments

There are only so many hours in the day, and scheduling appointments shouldn’t be eating up any of that time. With our PM software, calendaring or scheduling components make it easy for your staff to create appointments and stay on top of approaching patient visits. Color coding helps cardiology practices identify blocks of times or sets of patients.

man scheduling on calendar

If you currently use generic scheduling software that’s difficult to navigate and lacks the sophisticated interface you would expect in 2018, have no fear. Our software has all the features your practice could ever require, including an option that lets staff customize the screen based on their needs. When scheduling appointments is easier, you’ll have faster lines in the waiting room AND more time to allocate toward patient care.

Claims and Statements

When a patient has a valid insurance policy at the time of service, their charges are sent out to their respective insurance provider. This process can be done through paper documentation with the use of a CMS-1500 form. This form includes the provider, patient, services performed and related diagnosis. As an alternative to paper claims, you can also send out these documents electronically via an automated software process. We regularly update CPT/ICD-10 codes to ensure streamlined communication. After the claim has been adjudicated by the payer, a response is sent out to the submitter in the form of a paper Explanation of Benefits or Electronic Remittance Advice.

Submitting Claims

Your cardiology practice will typically send out patient statements if the patient did not have the right insurance coverage or if the insurance didn’t cover the full payment. These statement transfers are made easier with Cardiology practice management software. Our system allows you to print or mail your own statements and submit claims electronically to multiple insurance providers.

Claims Denial Management

Claims denial management is an essential part of our claims processing; if there’s an error detected with your claim, you’re alerted so the issue can be fixed. From there, you can immediately resubmit. By transferring to electronic claims, you’ll experience faster processing, turnaround time and payment of claims.


With Cardiology practice management software, you’ll have reporting capabilities that give you detailed info concerning patient financial information and history. You’ll be able to pick and choose which variables you want to see on your report, allowing your practice to make informed business decisions.

cardiology practice management software reporting feature

Why PulseCloud?

Pulse streamlines patient registration, billing and coding with our cloud-based system. This platform was carefully crafted from three years’ worth of workflow research. It includes capabilities like Unfinished Items list and a Needs Action menu, so you can easily collaborate with your team. With our Cardiology Practice Management software, you can save time during the patient check-in process and check insurance eligibility with the click of a button. Schedule appointments and manage denied claims without getting swamped in paperwork. Quickly generate reports prior to a staff meeting. Prevent overworked staff with ICD-10 code conversion. Why run your practice on an outdated system that adds to your stress rather than alleviating it?