appointment scheduling pulsecloud

Appointment scheduling can be an inefficient and complicated process for physician practices. Being able to manage patient appointment scheduling electronically using a software that is integrated with a PM (Practice Management) system saves your practice time and a few headaches. PulseCloud is a simple, low-cost practice management system that simplifies your appointment scheduling and helps you get paid faster. PulseCloud uses intuitive workflows and user-friendly screen navigation not only to reduce time spent on administrative tasks, but also to ensure and maintain regulatory compliance.Scheduling appointments using PulseCloud lets you optimize your resource utilization and enhance patient experience at your practice. PulseCloud helps you efficiently and effectively manage scheduling activity for your staff and providers while reducing administrative burdens so that you can better focus on patient care.

Appointment Scheduling in PulseCloud

appointment scheduling pulsecloud

Pulse’s comprehensive PM system greatly optimizes productivity by applying automated workflow logic to merge scheduling, financial and administrative processes into one easy-to-use, easy-to-implement system. PulseCloud’s scheduling allows your practice to manage your resources and appointment schedules in one central application. This helps reduce revenue and time loss due to missed appointments and changes in scheduling and patient or provider needs.

Your Patient Scheduling Optimized

appointment scheduling pulsecloud
  • Appointment reminders: practices are able to customize emails to patients to send a week or day before their appointments with PulseCloud
  • Walk-in appointments: PulseCloud gives patients an easy platform to check in before arriving
  • Faster payments & shorter payment cycles: with built-in payment reminders, your practice will get paid faster
  • Reduced operating expenses: your staff will spend less time entering information and can spend more time with the patients

See how PulseCloud can make a difference at your practice.