Healthcare Revenue Cycle

The healthcare revenue cycle can be extremely difficult, especially for healthcare businesses that have many moving parts and a lot to manage. One of the best ways to approach this cycle is to have a healthcare revenue cycle firm help to shoulder some of the burden. This firm will take the healthcare revenue cycle and work it into management technology that automatically and easily does most the work for you – from tracking patient care to scheduling and registration. It can even handle the things that take up much of your day: insurance claim processing and handling payments. This allows you to focus on the things that really matter – delivering superior care to your patients.

At Pulse, we support the financial functions of the healthcare revenue cycle through a system of certified coders and experts in medical billing and collections. When you need to focus on your job and helping others, the financial matters can really get in the way.


Healthcare Revenue Cycle and Day-to-Day Movement

The “little” things really add up within the healthcare revenue cycle – things like following up on claims or tendering payments seem like small steps, but can take hours from your day. We handle all of this, making your revenue cycle cleaner and more efficient, which in turns makes your practice the same. You’ll get paid faster and your patients will have significantly less headaches.

For patients, getting rejected on their claims or having to wait for weeks at a time can be frustrating. Even worse, it can cause them to delay coming to the doctor or cause them to pay higher rates in the end.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle in 2018

With our method, you don’t have to worry about hardware or server investments, no software licensing, and no maintenance for you – it is simply a cost-sharing option that allows you to get the best service and results possible at an affordable rate.

You’ll find that your systems are streamlined, valuable and producing meaningful results almost immediately. The healthcare revenue cycle in 2018 is going through quite a few changes, and will for the foreseeable future. If you aren’t automated, it can result in some difficult changes and pivots that will take up even more of your time.

Healthcare is complicated and consists of a web of payers and payees that must jump through hoops to get anything handled. As the rules become more complex, it is a full-time responsibility just to know the what can and cannot be done, which is where Pulse can help.

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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Teams

Our healthcare revenue cycle team is comprised of experts in their fields. Their day-to-day goals include increasing your collections and meeting your goals. We go above and beyond for you and for your patients, jumping through hoops and staying relentless in our pursuits. Our certified coders and billing specialists continue to learn and grow as the healthcare industry and the healthcare revenue cycle changes.

Each week and month, you will get a report of our results. This allows you to stay on top of our performance and make any adjustments that you feel necessary. We continually offer new and better services as technology changes. In fact, PulseCloud version 10.10 offers a more robust bulling process that will make the revenue cycle even more seamless.

Our teams provide the following healthcare revenue cycle services:


  • Change Coding
  • Entre Coding
  • Review Coding


  • Electronic Claim Submission
  • Electronic Claim Status Updates
  • Electronic Claims Management
  • Re-Filing Denied Claims
  • Appealing Denied Claims
  • Payment Posting



  • Pay Performance (Rankings, Negotiations, and Compliance)
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Provider Registration

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Performance:

  • Financial Performance
  • Operations Efficiency
  • Best Practices

Simply put, whatever the “little” things are that take up so much of your day, you can eliminate them with our healthcare revenue cycle management. We are the perfect solution for those who want to focus on what they are trained to do, not spend all day on the telephone or waiting for a response via email. In the end, this will result in you getting a better reputation as a physician and earning you more money – which will be carefully and correctly collected and handled by our healthcare revenue cycle management team. In the end, it is a win-win for everyone, especially the people you have been sworn to protect.

Revenue Cycle Management Help Physician Practices Make More Money

Simply put, Pulse Revenue Cycle Management helps physician practices by collecting more money! Pulse Revenue Cycle Management customers experience first time claim acceptance rates that average over 98%. And Pulse RCM customers realize an increase in their charges, a significant increase in receipts and fewer days in A/R — shorter payment cycles mean more money, faster!

Find out why practices have used Pulse for more than 20 years.

An intuitive system that works for you with a dedicated support team that knows you by name. That’s the Pulse difference.

  • Supplying electronic healthcare solutions since 1996
  • Top-ranking Revenue Cycle Management teams to improve your collections
  • Cloud or server-based product applications


Revenue Cycle Management

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Free RCM Assessment

Identify revenue cycle managment problems with this 10 point assessement (Free, No Risk) worth over $3,500.

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