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Revenue cycle management solutions that actually work can be hard to come by in today’s ever changing healthcare industry. Successful solutions require the ability to ebb and flow with industry changes and ever changing insurance requirements. Our revenue cycle solution helps to assess, analyze, and improve the revenue cycle through a foundation of experts that take the “busy” work off of your hands. Our extensive revenue cycle solution is designed to help small and large healthcare offices run more smoothly.


Best Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

The best revenue cycle solution is one that is collaborative and works for both parties – it creates a cycle of open communication and mutual benefits. Our team focuses on improving the efficiency of your office and speeding up the revenue cycle to enhance financial performance – including insurance contracting, reimbursing all parties, and decision making. We have the best of the best certified coders and customer service. Our goal is to create an on-going dialogue with your office, different insurance companies, patients, and other parties.

We focus our revenue cycle solutions on patient management, access, negotiations, problem solving, revenue cycle reviews, and impact analysis. Cost effective and impactful, we take the stress off your day-to-day functioning – you can focus on helping your patients and we can take care of the paperwork. We work with your end results in mind, changing and modifying our system to match your needs while focusing on details and keeping our standards incredibly high.

What a Good Revenue Cycle Solution Entails

Any revenue cycle solution must improve the performance and efficiency of your office, sustaining the financial aspect as well as the personal relationship with your patients. Not only will this add stability to your office, it will earn you better reviews and grow your presence in the community.

We are at a moment right now where we are required to always be at our best – which can be difficult because the standard for best continues to rise. While this is great for our care of patients, it can be a bit difficult in the financial sector – you aren’t trained in paperwork, you are trained in medicine. Still, an efficient revenue cycle is required for you to be able to do what you love – which is where a good revenue cycle solution company comes into play. Our team is prepared to handle your patients from their first contact through payment and even beyond for customer service and follow-up calls.

However, we don’t just handle some of your paperwork and phone calls. We work to give you insights into how the business side of your practice is running. We can help you to be more productive and reach more people through data analytics, insight, and analysis of your efficiency. Hiring the best revenue cycle solution company improves the day-to-day actions of your practice, the customer service you give your patients, and the amount of work you put onto your team.

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Transform Your Practice with Competent Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

You can transform your practice into a well-oiled machine with our revenue cycle solutions. You will receive personalized care and attention from our team of professionals as we evolve our methods to meet your needs, not the other way around. Some of what we can provide includes:

Complete Revenue Cycle Outsourcing:

Completely hand the revenue cycle over to our team. This includes patient access, deductible care, POS collections, claim solutions, and other front office revenue cycle solutions.

Front-Office Revenue Cycle Management Solutions:

Your front office is harried and running ragged every day. Our team can handle thing like POS collections and claims. With our team, you will have fewer slip-ups and less time sitting on the phone on hold.

Mid Revenue Cycle Solution:

Medical billing is tricky and requires your full attention. Our team will improve your medical billing to help drive growth within your practice. We are equipped to handle claims management, healthcare recovery solutions, contracts, and medical billing to improve cash flow by shortening the amount of time you and your patients have to wait for money.

Back-end Revenue Cycling Solution:

With our solution to your back-end revenue cycle, we help you to present value based care.


Invest not only in your business from a workload standpoint, but in a business sense. Our team will provide you with data so that you can continue down one pathway or edit your process so that you can reach your key goals. Our team can provide you with solutions and ideas about how to get there.

Revenue Cycle Management Helps Physician Practices Make More Money

Simply put, Pulse Revenue Cycle Management software and consulting helps physician practices by collecting more money! Pulse Revenue Cycle Management customers experience first time claim acceptance rates that average over 98%. And Pulse RCM customers realize an increase in their charges, a significant increase in receipts and fewer days in A/R — shorter payment cycles mean more money, faster!

Find out why practices have used Pulse for more than 20 years.

An intuitive system that works for you with a dedicated support team that knows you by name. That’s the Pulse difference.

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