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Finding the best revenue cycle company can be hard, especially when there are so many revenue cycle companies out there today. When you have a healthcare business or office, there are many moving parts that make your job hard. You have to deal with paperwork more than you help clients, and that can be discouraging. Spending hours talking on the phone instead of talking to patients isn’t why you went to school – which is where revenue cycle companies come into play.

Pulse takes the healthcare revenue cycle and builds our management technology around it, automatically shouldering the tedious work that takes up your day – from scheduling appointments to claims management. We have a well-oiled machine that can handle offices of all size with our team of certified professionals.

We support your financial and personal growth through our revenue cycling company with certified coders and experienced experts in many fields.

Don’t let financial matters get in the way of your mission!


Revenue Cycle Companies and What Matters

When you are working in the healthcare industry on a day-to-day basis, it’s easy to get bogged down in the minutes. Following up on claims and tendering payments take time can quickly eat up all your time. With revenue cycle companies, we shoulder the details so that your office runs more efficiently, you get paid quickly, and you have fewer headaches.

Sometimes we have situations that extend over weeks, including claim rejections. It can be hard to keep the details fresh in your mind when you have other things going on, but when that is your only job, it isn’t as difficult. The vicious cycle that exists within the healthcare revenue cycle is necessary in many aspects, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a necessary part of your job.

Entrusting revenue cycle companies can be difficult, but over time you will see the difference.

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Healthcare Revenue Companies 2017

When you work with our healthcare revenue cycle company, you don’t have to worry about things like software licensing, hardware, training new employees, or maintenance costs. Instead, revenue cycling companies offer a cost-sharing option that allows you to get the absolute best service that keeps your finances in line and keeps you happy.

Revenue cycle companies exist out of the need for streamlined and valuable results that you can see immediately. With the formulas for how healthcare providers get paid changing all the time,, you will have to spend massive amounts of time learning the new rules, dealing with new software, and just learning how to function – or NOT!. Investing in working with a healthcare revenue cycle company means you won’t have to learn all of the little details.


Healthcare Revenue Cycle Companies

We don’t employ anyone other than experts in their fields. They focus on increasing collections, meeting goals, and portraying your company to patients, insurance companies, and to the world at large. Our certified coders and billers learn and grow as this industry changes, improving and providing the best possible coverage for you.

They work with your team on the following:


Pay Performance (Rankings, Negotiations, and Compliance); Provider Credentialing; Provider Registration


Change Coding; Enter Coding; Review Coding


Electronic Claim Submission; Electronic Claim Status Updates; Electronic Claims Management; Re-Filing Denied Claims; Appealing Denied Claims; Payment Posting


Managing Accounts Receivable; Customized Patient Statements; Payment and Patient Collections


Pay Performance (Rankings, Negotiations, and Compliance); Provider Credentialing; Provider Registration

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Performance:

Financial Performance; Operations Efficiency; Best Practices

Think about the things you do each day that don’t add to your enjoyment of your profession. Most of the time, it includes the paperwork and phone calls that you put off until the last possible minute. It doesn’t have to be that way – revenue cycle companies take that over. Give us a call today and we will set up an appointment to talk about what our team can do for you.

Revenue Cycle Management Help Physician Practices Make More Money

Simply put, Pulse Revenue Cycle Management helps physician practices by collecting more money! Pulse Revenue Cycle Management customers experience first time claim acceptance rates that average over 98%. And Pulse RCM customers realize an increase in their charges, a significant increase in receipts and fewer days in A/R — shorter payment cycles mean more money, faster!

Find out why practices have used Pulse for more than 20 years.

An intuitive system that works for you with a dedicated support team that knows you by name. That’s the Pulse difference.

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