Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management


Working with your account receivable can be a bit like looking at a foreign language for most people. Even as healthcare changes and molds, that is one thing that stays the same. It is something you shoehorn into your job, but you truly don’t understand the way you should. That’s where healthcare accounts receivable managementhelps out.

Our firm works to assess, analyze, improve, and implement changes in your system so that you don’t have to worry about all of the things you do now. We do this through automation, innovation, and the experts on our team.

Whether you have a large team or a small one, working with a healthcare account receivable management firm will help you to be more productive and see better results.


Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management

Our goal is to work as an extension of your team to help you toward your goals. We want to have an open line of communication between our teams so that everything stays accurate and the trail of money and information is clear. We focus on speeding up the revenue cycle by contacting insurance companies, reimbursing parties, scheduling, and making decisions. We have the coders and customer service reps on our team, which means you will as well.

Our goal? Create an ongoing dialogue between your office, patients, and insurance companies so that your accounts receivable continues to prosper and function properly.

Our focus is on your revenue cycle, patient management, negotiations, reviews, and analysis. We will look at your current system, modify it to be more impactful, and continue to make changes to improve your bottom line.

Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management and the Revenue Cycle

Healthcare account receivable firms help to improve the efficiency of your office. We work to sustain the financial aspects and continue to improve your relationship with your patients. This helps to improve your presence, keep clients, and gain a good reputation.

Right now, the healthcare industry is as a crossroads. We have to be the best we can possibly be and sometimes that requires asking for outside help. That’s where a healthcare revenue cycle management company helps out – we give you the help that you need. Our team will handle conversations about bills with patients, file claims with insurance companies, and follow up on anything that just doesn’t seem right.

But that isn’t all we do – we work to improve your accounts receivable department and give them more to do while actually doing less. You’ll be able to have more money, more transactions, and even more patients because you don’t have to worry about the “little” things.

We give you reports about your progress and business, opening the door for you to make decisions and predictions for the future. This can be extremely helpful for expansions, hiring, and planning.

Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management Physician Explaining Results

Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management Tasks

So what exactly does a healthcare accounts receivable management firm do? Well, that really depends on what you need from us. Our approach isn’t to make you blend in with what we already do, but to act like an honest partner and meet somewhere in the middle. In general, we are able to do the following:

Front-Office Revenue Cycle Solutions:

Your front office is harried and running ragged every day. Our team can handle thing like patient scheduling, POS collections, and claims. With our team, you will have fewer slip-ups and less time sitting on the phone on hold.

Mid Revenue Cycle Solution:

Medical billing is tricky and requires your full attention. Our team will improve your medical billing to help drive growth within your practice. We are equipped to handle claims management, healthcare recovery solutions, contracts, and medical billing to help shorten the amount of time you and your patients have to wait for money.

Back End Revenue Cycling Solution:

With our solution to your back end revenue cycle, we help you to present value based care.

Complete Revenue Cycle Outsourcing:

Completely hand the revenue cycle over to our team. This includes patient access, deductible care, POS collections, claim solutions, and other front office revenue cycle solutions.

Through all of our services, we are open to discuss anything that may come up in your quest for a healthy accounts receivable department. Contact us today to hear more about what we offer and to get an idea of what we are able to do. When it comes to healthcare accounts receivable management firms, we are the top of our class. We were even named a “Top Performing Vendor” in Revenue Cycle Management Services for Ambulatory Practices.

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