Pulse Suite

Pulse Suite is the full package of healthcare technology solutions available to your practice, offering maximum efficiency and revenue. Combining the capabilities of PulsePro, PulseEHR and Billing and Collections Services, you’ll get clean claims out the door and collect money faster, all while providing the best quality of care possible.

Integrated solutions with maximum profitability.

Seeing patients, providing care and getting paid has never been easier with products and services. Check patients in using PulsePro, document visits with PulseEHR, and collect your revenue with Pulse Billing and Collections Services, all for just a small percentage of your practice collections.

“Having the Pulse product has helped us increase our revenue. We are able to track procedures the physicians are doing and capture all of our revenue. The staff is able to get patients back quicker so they’re ready for the doctor faster. We are able to schedule our patients, verify insurance, send clean claims and make sure they’re getting paid so that the revenue stream is better and faster.”

- Regina Dedeaux, Practice Administrator, Jackson Cardiology Associates


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